Quarantine Help

I know there is a lot of information being thrown your way about how to survive the quarantine best. Most information feels overwhelming and impractical:   Write a Book! Change your entire life! Build a commercial gym in your living room! Learn a new language! Be a hero! I want [...]

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The Traumatized Brain: Why Trauma Causes Triggers

The Traumatized Brain: Why Trauma Causes Triggers   Life happens to all of us. Throughout scripture we see where we are guaranteed to face trials, tribulations, and persecutions. Knowing this only serves to normalize our experiences, it does not prepare us for unexpected life experiences and it does not prevent [...]

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Finding Hope

Hope is an elusive word…what exactly is hope? Everyone likes a feel-good word, something that inevitably makes the light shine in the darkness. HOPE seems to give us that mushy feeling that life…as hopeless as it seems right now…well, it may just have potential to get better! Is hope real [...]

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Turning Point

 Let’s talk about the ever present SHADOW OF DOUBT that seems to loom over us in the form of SELF-DOUBT. If we’re literal about this idea that doubt is an actual shadow, what does this mean? Shadows distort the actual object. Look at the shadows of trees, yourself, cars, or [...]

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5 TIPS: Helping Others with Depression

Depression is very common. People experience depression for various reasons and at varying degrees. When people find out that I am a counselor they often share an anonymous story of a friend or family member and pose this question, “what should I do?” I wanted to provide a quick reference [...]

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Beautifully Imperfect

 Can I just be real for a minute? I am not even sure if this qualifies as a blog, a journal, or hate mail, but if you’ll hang with me for a second I am about to get very real about something that is on my heart. Last night I [...]

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The Dark Abyss

Let’s take an imagination train into your mind…. It is dark. It is hopeless. It is self-loathing. It is isolated and afraid. It is sad. It is guilty. It is full of shame. It is so many emotions you could never sort them out. You desperately try to think your [...]

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Look in the Mirror

Are you in a rut? Is your world feeling a little blue? Are the people in your life constantly negative? Do you feel critical and grumpy most days? LOOK IN THE MIRROR! We tend to deflect the reasons for a negative life onto the things and people around us, but [...]

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