Introversion is not something that is widely celebrated or even understood. When was the last time you read a job description that said something like “do you like to isolate, live inside your own head, and feel overwhelmed by other people? Well, this is the job for you!” I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER seen a job description like this… if you do come across this, please send me the job info, I know a lot of people desperate for a workplace that understands them! The truth is, the world is looking for people who want to be socially driven, the go-getter at a crowded networking event, or the outgoing personality that is sure to increase sales and customer service! CALLING ALL SPOTLIGHT DWELLERS!!

THAT is celebrating the extrovert while seriously underestimating the power of the introvert!

This is a great video I found that helps break down the concept of introvert vs. extrovert personalities.

Being an introvert is becoming more and more difficult in the technological age where socializing creeps into the comfort of the introvert’s home, safe space, and place for quiet downtime. The constant DING of the phone reminds us that we are NEVER actually recharging our battery, but always working with partial energy. There are many myths that float around about introverts, but today I want to educate people on the reality of what introverts are experiencing, especially teens and young adults who are under incredible pressures to socially perform. PEOPLE ARE DRAINED! PEOPLE NEED TO RECHARGE. IT IS OKAY TO RECHARGE!

Woman at Picnic with text "often alone, rarely lonely"

SELF-CARE IS CRITICAL. If your cell phone alerts you to a low battery, you immediately plug it in to charge it… you need to recharge too!

  • After a long day at school or work, allow yourself at least 30 minutes to be completely alone to recharge.

  • Adults: get away for a day or two on a solo vacation to a hotel, camping, hiking, reading books, vegging out, etc.

  • SAY NO! You do not have to go to every networking meeting, every social gathering your friends invite you to, or every church event. Respect your hard-wired limits!


Introverts are depressed.

No. Not true at all. Introverts are not always depressed, although depression is a symptom that it is time to recharge! Introverts are simply not as socially engaging making withdrawal and isolation to recharge as part of the daily routine appears as depression. The world encourages extroversion believing it is happier (implying introversion is not happy).

Confused turtle with birds talking with text "I'm determined to get you out of your shell. I think you'd be happier luke us."


Introverts are rude.

Well, introverts can be rude, but so can extroverts! (ha!) When an introvert exerts great energy in social settings, their battery drains rather quickly. To preserve the battery introverts withdraw (i.e. stand in the back of the room, hide in the bathroom, etc). When the battery drains past a certain point the introvert is less likely to be politically correct in social settings, and BOOM… the reputation of being rude is solidified.



Introverts are shy.

Not true at all. Many introverts are very outgoing… in short duration! Seriously, I can chat it up in an elevator or the check-out line with complete strangers… then I go home and don’t talk for hours!

Introverts are weird, nerdy people who are always alone.

Nope… well… okay, this is kind of partly true, but why does society have to make that be such a bad thing? Introverts don’t typically follow the “in-crowd” because they have a different perspective and purpose. Introverts are deep critical thinkers often dancing to the beat of their own drum (the one they are paying attention to in their head all day!). Introverts are often analytical, norm challengers, and CAPABLE OF CHANGING THE WORLD!

  • Albert Einstein “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

  • Bill Gates“Well, I think introverts can do quite well. If you’re clever you can learn to get the benefits of being an introvert”

  •  Dr. Seuss “was afraid of meeting the kids who read his books for fear they would be disappointed at how quiet he was.”

There are many myths about introverts, but the truth of the matter is, being an introvert is a super power! Society wants the introvert to believe they are weird, unwanted, too different, not capable. But here’s a fact: many introverts have changed the world including scientists, physicists, presidents of the United States and world leaders, and entrepreneurs. Introverts are often discounted and discouraged in life. Introverts fight a daily battle to fit in or to accept their own “social quirks” that set them apart. If I could change the world, I would make part of my mission be to help raise awareness of INTROVERSION SUPER POWERS!

Text "YOU ARE YOU and that is you super power"

It is time we learn to embrace, encourage, and applaud introverts rather than attempting to convert them over which is impossible! Attempting to convert from introversion to extroversion can result in anxiety, depression, loss of identity, lowered self-worthy, and low self-confidence.

Counseling can help you to:

  • Embrace who you are

  • Identify ways to recharge your battery before it is too late.

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Heal from bullying

  • Increase self-worth

  • Learn how to set boundaries and say NO!

  • Excel in social settings while still being you

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