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Okay, here’s my secret: I LOVE MY TEENS! I approach my teens with humor, respect, honesty, and love. I am immune to eye rolls and attitudes! My teens find my space comfortable and easy to open up about real life struggles. And can we admit teens are seriously struggling? Teens are experiencing anxiety and depression at epidemic rates. Many teens are impacted by social media and peer changes. Teens are not great communicators (it’s not totally their fault! it’s all about brain development!) Teens default to using anger as their primary form of communication. I openly work with each teen’s parent(s) or legal guardians recognizing their feedback is critical to their therapeutic success. As a teen counselor, I often will coordinate with other adults in the teen’s life including youth leaders, teachers, and psychiatrists as needed. It truly takes a village to raise a child! I am a team player finding teen’s brain development is primed for change and growth.

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