Anger Becomes Us

 When I have asked clients to describe anger I hear words and phrases like hot, uncontrollable, rage, out of body experience, blackout, temporary release of tension, numb, exhaustion, explosive. When I have asked clients to give anger a color there has only ever been two colors given: black or red. When [...]

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The Dark Abyss

Let’s take an imagination train into your mind…. It is dark. It is hopeless. It is self-loathing. It is isolated and afraid. It is sad. It is guilty. It is full of shame. It is so many emotions you could never sort them out. You desperately try to think your [...]

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One Reason

 There you are, the two of you who used to be one, are so divided being united again seems impossible. There you are, sitting on opposite ends of the couch searching your mind and soul for words to fill the blaring silence. There you are, married and alone. There you [...]

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