Quarantine Help

I know there is a lot of information being thrown your way about how to survive the quarantine best. Most information feels overwhelming and impractical:   Write a Book! Change your entire life! Build a commercial gym in your living room! Learn a new language! Be a hero! I want [...]

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Mealtime Mission

Everyone has their own approach to family mealtime. I remember as a kid finding mealtime at my friend’s houses to be an experience in itself! Some of my friends had family prayer before eating, others did not. Some always ate salad before the main meal could be served. Some had [...]

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One Reason

 There you are, the two of you who used to be one, are so divided being united again seems impossible. There you are, sitting on opposite ends of the couch searching your mind and soul for words to fill the blaring silence. There you are, married and alone. There you [...]

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