Benefits of Telehealth Counseling

Welcome to the year 2020, where traditional life is out, and change is forced. You are not alone in your anxiety, depression, or mental health needs. - 1 in 5 American adults have a mental illness - 10.3% of Americans have serious suicidal thoughts in 2020, a 450,000 person [...]

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Quarantine Help

I know there is a lot of information being thrown your way about how to survive the quarantine best. Most information feels overwhelming and impractical:   Write a Book! Change your entire life! Build a commercial gym in your living room! Learn a new language! Be a hero! I want [...]

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Solutions and Resources for Quarantine

SOLUTIONS AND RESOURCES FOR QUARANTINE As the entire world shifts, shuts down, and isolates, the mind wants to run wild. With the flu season and the COVID-19 Coronavirus, forcing people to live an isolated life in their home while the world is rapidly changing can cause both rational and irrational [...]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health This Year

There is an eagerness for the new year to begin, so new goals for self-improvement can be set. Here is a shocking fact: most people never accomplish the resolution they set for themselves! Okay, it’s probably not very surprising, if you are part of the 92% who are unsuccessful with [...]

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The Harm of the Positive Psychology Trend: The Negative Side to Being Positive

  The Harm of the Positive Psychology Trend: The Negative Side to Being Positive Who isn’t aware of the positive psychology trend? Life is great! Life is wonderful! All of life’s problems are solved with this idea of HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE! Wouldn’t it help your situation and make life [...]

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Why Me?

Wow! How many times have you asked God “WHY?!” Why me…why the good people… why not the bad people… why is a powerful word when it is packed full of emotions. When life has left you hurting it seems to almost be natural instinct to go to God in anger [...]

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Self-Care Ideas: Indulge!

The challenge of all challenges is SELF-CARE. This concept is believed to be out-of-reach or "not for me" because of the pictures we see blasted on social media of the all-white cottage by the lake surrounded by nature, relaxing in a hammock as the breeze blows and the sun radiates [...]

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PERFECTIONISM…. We have all heard this term. Some view it as a gift; others view it as a curse. What is perfectionism…is it good, bad, helpful, or deceitful? Society preaches a performance-based acceptance. For many, the very foundation of their self-worth is based on how well they are able to [...]

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Praying Past Bitter Unforgiveness

Forgiveness is a word I hear often in the counseling setting. “I know I need to forgive so-and-so...” or “I could NEVER forgive so-and-so…” I understand every angle of forgiveness from my client’s perspective when they are speaking from pain, hurt, anger, and betrayal. Forgiveness is not a natural instinct [...]

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Broken is Not Worthless

“Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.” Isaiah 61:7 When you hear the word “broken” what comes to your mind? Close your eyes [...]

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